Nutritional additives

The best solutions to correct primary copper deficiency, Stimulate appetite and increase growth rate.

Copper-based nutritional additives.

The high quality of our products has been achieved through a formulation that substantially improves on the specifications set by the European authorities.

Animal Feed

As specialists in copper salts we are committed to finding and developing solutions for all sectors where copper is used. Therefore, since our foundation we have been involved in the formulation of additives for animal feed with our copper sulphate and the recently incorporated copper oxychloride or dicopper chloride trihydroxide.

Copper is an essential element for all living organisms and its deficiency can lead to hypocuprosis, diarrhoea, stunted growth, bone deformation and spontaneous fractures. There are two types of copper deficiency: a primary one, in which the intake of Cu is insufficient to cover the animal’s needs, and a secondary one caused by a number of elements such as molybdenum, iron and protein levels that interfere with Cu metabolism.

The incorporation of copper sulphate or dicopper chloride trihydroxide in the diet of pigs, poultry and ruminants will reverse primary copper deficiency, stimulate appetite and increase growth rates with a marked improvement in feed conversion.

FAMI QS Certificate

All our products intended for this purpose are certified by FAMI-QS (European Feed Additive and Premixture Quality System) for use as an additive in animal feed.