Copper Salts

Care for and protect your crops. With the most eco-friendly. And high-quality coppers from iqv

We have been a leading manufacturer of copper salts since 1935

We have established ourselves as the only manufacturer capable of producing a wide range of products of the highest quality to help farmers, distributors and other companies in the sector to protect their crops in order to achieve a maximum yield from each harvest.


Copper calcium Sulfate

Highly Soluble

The slow release of copper ions makes the product a well-balanced solution between swift action and persistence.

Strong Fixation

Once applied, the copper stays strongly attached to the surface of the plant to guarantee its effect and resistance to wash-off, even in very rainy climates.


Long-lasting persistence

The intermediate degree of copper release results in high durability in the leaf area in each treatment.

Excellent Suspensibility

With IQV Copper Oxychloride you get a very homogeneous mixture, an important feature to achieve a uniform application on the entire plant surface.

Highly Versatile and Compatible

This product provides a great synergistic effect. A property that allows it to be mixed with other organic contact or systemic fungicides.


Powerful Shock Effect and Fast Acting

The copper salt with the highest capacity for massive and instantaneous release of Cu2+. Its use is especially recommended in those cases with early incipient manifestations of the disease.

Much more with very little

Unlike other copper salts, they require lower doses of Cu2+ per unit of surface area.


A good ally against wash-off by rainfall once fixed in the plant.


Authorised uses in the agricultural field

  • BIOCIDE: algaecide for reservoirs, ponds, ditches and swimming pools.

No added anti-caking

Characteristic achieved thanks to the traditional and artisanal process that we carry out in IQV by the slow cooling technique.