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IQV Industry offers technical and formulated products for crop protection and additives for animal feed; as well as outsourcing services for toll manufacturing, logistics and GLP laboratory to companies in the agrochemical sector.

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As a result of the work carried out by our R&D Department and our longstanding experience as manufacturers, we have designed a full range of copper-and metalaxyl-based products to cover the demand of more than 60 countries where we operate.

What industrial service do you need?

Toll manufacturing, Logistics & GLP Laboratory

IQV provides comprehensive industrial services to help companies in the agrochemical sector boost their business and increase their production capacity and area of distribution.

We have a fully equipped plant for the formulation and packaging of crop-protection products and their worldwide distribution through our logistics platform.

In addition to our other services, we can issue physical and chemical analysis certificates for phytosanitary products thanks to our Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).