a unique leaf surface coverage


Americop is manufactured using proprietary, state of the art, spray drying technology that produces a unique particle size and shape which enhances surface area (leaf coverage) as well as the bio-activity of the copper ions that combined provides maximum effectiveness in disease control.


Active ingredient: Copper Hydroxide (40% Metallic Copper per Pound)
Average Particle Size: 3.6 microns for maximum coverage and control.

EPA Reg. No. 35484-4 (authorized in: California & Florida)

Americop® 40 DF is developed in Europe by IQV and sold all over the world

IQV is a specialist manufacturer of copper fungicides with over 85 years of manufacturing and research experience. They are a founding member EUCuTF (European Copper Task-force) and member of Copper Sulfate Task Force in USA.

Hollow granules, better blooming and density.


iqv matholding group

Americop® 40 DF has the lowest bulk density which creates the greatest surface area per pound of product that provides superior coverage and disease control.


iqv matholding group
Needle shape enhances the surface area and coverage.

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Since 2013 many growers have experienced the many benefits of Americop® 40 DF, now it’s your turn to try this product for your next copper spray.
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AmeriCop® 40 DF in Portugal is called Vitra® 40 WG

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