Vitra® Vid, la nueva solución a base de Hidróxido de Cobre autorizado en olivo y vid

¡En IQV Agro España Estamos de enhorabuena, acabamos de obtener un nuevo registro a base de Hidróxido de Cobre con uso autorizado en olivo y vid! Introducimos VITRA VID al portfolio de nuestra filial española. Un Hidróxido de Cobre para aquellos viticultores y olivicultores que requieran de un producto preventivo contra hongos y bacterias con […]

Nace VEGGA, la plataforma digital 360º para optimizar la producción agrícola

VEGGA busca modernizar la agricultura y democratizar el conocimiento agronómico, cerrando el círculo de la gestión de cultivos. La plataforma es fruto de la unión de las empresas líderes en agricultura Progrés, IQV y Regaber. VEGGA se presenta en FIMA hasta el 30 de abril.   Lleida, 27 de abril de 2022.- Las empresas líderes […]

IQV – Fresh news

FRESH NEWS We are happy to announce that we have a new Youtube channel! We have decided to launch this channel to be able to share with you all the videos that we have been posting on networks and our website during this time. Our goal is to constantly update the channel with content of […]

IQV – fast distribution

At IQV we are strategically located to be able to offer fast distribution, wherennever and wherever the customer needs it. – We have large areas in Barcelona and Valencia that comply with all storage regulations for the correct management and conservation of phytosanitary products. – We have mobile computerised order preparation systems that allow us […]

World Soil Day

Today is World Soil Day Today we want to repeat the reasons why we must ensure a healthy soil with a #sustainable management of its resources. – Greater biodiversity: Soils host a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity. – Increased Food security: 95% of food is produced in our soils. – Cleaner water: Soils are key to a […]

Cuidados de vid contra temperaturas bajas

Empieza el frío y con él, el momento de preparar la vid contra las heladas y temperaturas bajas! Uno de los cuidados más conocidos y efectivos es la poda de invierno, necesaria una vez pasada la vendimia cuando la savia desaparece, las ramas comienzan a secarse y las hojas terminan por caer Con tal de […]

IQV – Development Work

IQV As a result of the development work carried out by our R+D+I, Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs departments, our more than 300 references bring together a complete catalogue of Copper and Metalaxyl-based fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and other products. They stand out for meeting and improving, among others, all the specifications required by the FAO, […]

IQV – Los suelos

Los suelos hacen cosas increíbles de las que a veces no somos conscientes. Se necesitan más de 1000 años para que se cree un centímetro de suelo, por lo que no es considerado un recurso renovable. Son muchas las razones por las que debemos cuidarlo, hace unos años la FAO compartió algunas de ellas: – […]

IQV aliado estratégico y partner

IQV aliado estratégico y partner

Nos enorgullece poder ser el aliado estratégico y partner de referencia de las multinacionales más importantes del sector fitosanitario por: – La calidad de nuestros productos y procesos – La eficiencia de nuestros servicios – La confianza que aporta nuestra historia, experiencia, certificaciones – El alto grado de satisfacción de nuestros clientes IQV, Boosting your […]

Paulo Mendes

Paulo Mendes - iqv matholding group

Paulo Mendes is an agricultural engineer working and developing sustainable agriculture in Vinho Verde sub-region for more than 20 years. He explained us that at Anselmo Vinhos Lda they try to use the less number of products as they can and our copper fungicide products are one of those They specially use VITRA in vine […]

IQV distribution

In IQV we collaborate with expert land, sea and air carriers in order to provide a wide range of distribution options We also provide a broad range of services involving the receipt of goods, preparation of orders with the requested picking level, direct and indirect cross-docking, special handling, inventory management and control, and reverse logistics, […]

Copper salts

Copper salts - iqv matholding group

Since our beginnings we have been present as a formulators of additives for animal feed with our copper sulphate and the recently incorporated tribasic copper chloride (TBCC) Copper is an essential element for all living organisms and its deficiency can lead to hypocuprosis, diarrhoea, reduced growth, bone deformities and spontaneous fractures. Check out this link to […]

Organic farming in Spain

Organic farming in Spain - iqv matholding group

Did you know that Spain is currently one of the countries with most hectares dedicated to organic farming? ? Currently organic farming in the EU represents between 8 and 9% of the total agricultural surface area. One of the objectives proposed by the European Commission is to ensure that by 2030, 25% of the EU’s […]

Francisco Urzaiz

Francisco Urzaíz - iqv matholding group

Francisco Urzaiz agronomic advisor, uses copper treatments to protect his crops from deseases such as the olive leaf spot? According to him, the key is to use good copper and a good formulation which ensures the food safety #oliveleafspot #coppertreatments #agriculture #iqvagro

World Agriculture Day

World Agriculture Day - iqv matholding group

Today we celebrate World Agriculture Day We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the importance that small, medium and large farmers around the world deserve, who with their vocation and passion for this ancestral craft, year after year offer us healthy and quality crops with which we can enjoy a balanced and healthy […]


World Agriculture Day - iqv matholding group

Today we want to talk to you about biopesticides, natural substances to control plagues and diseases of crops. Compared with chemical synthesis products, they present very notable advantages: – They have lower toxicity. – They induce resistance due to their multiple mode of action. – They don’t generate residues in food. – They don’t require […]

MAT Holding

MAT Holding - iqv matholding group

IQV is part of MAT Holding, a multinational industrial group with more than 80 years of history comprising leading companies in crop protection, irrigation efficiency, and water treatment and conveyance. The group offers solutions that contribute to sufficient production of healthy, safe and affordable food for everyone and the sustainable use of water in its […]

Ana María Muñoz Martín

Ana María Muñoz Martín - iqv matholding group

Ana María Muñoz Martín, a farmer with more than 30 years of experience, uses the biofungicide #T34Biocontrol ® for the care of her crops. In this video ?, she explains how this product is beneficial to prevent root diseases. About 4 or 5 days after the transplanting, she applies the product. The effects of […]

Copper salts

Copper salts - iqv matholding group

Did you know that copper salts are recognized for their historical efficacy and use in organic production Some of its strengths are: – Suitable for ecological agriculture – Broad spectrum of fungicidal and bactericidal activity. – Great adherence, effectiveness, persistence and resistance to washing. – High capacity to release Cu ions in contact with water. […]

Sustainable agricultural production

Sustainable agricultural production - iqv matholding group

Towards sustainable agricultural production. At IQV we are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. To this end, through our different subsidiaries and commercial departments, we provide farmers and companies around the world with copper and metalaxyl-based products of the highest quality and effectiveness to help them ensure good, sustainable, healthy and […]

Farmworker Appreciation Day

Farmworker Appreciation Day - iqv matholding group

Today is Farmworker Appreciation Day! This day was created to thank all those people who work in the field and to raise awareness of all the problems they face every year. The agricultural sector is essential for the progress and development of the country, it supplies food, contributes to the national income and provides employment […]

Fungal protection

Fungal protection - iqv matholding group

Did you know that an effective, long-lasting fungal protection suitable for organic farming is possible throughout the entire crop cycle? @Manuel Mendoza García, Agricultural Technical Engineer of the Semillero #Acrena uses T34biocontrol and highlights three of its main benefits: – Higher quality plants free from fungal diseases. – Larger root system. – Reduction in the […]

Fungicide products

Fungicide products - iqv matholding group

Aware of the challenges that farmers continually have to face, we offer them through our network of distributors, high-quality and efficient respectful products that help to obtain the best performance in each harvest. As a result of the development work carried out by our R+D department, our more than 300 references bring together a complete […]

The olive tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean

The olive tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean - iqv matholding group

Olea Europeae is an ancient crop distributed mainly along the Mediterranean arc and known worldwide for the organoleptic properties of its fruit and derivatives. That is why year after year it has become more technical and together with it the need to control the diseases and pests that affect it. Speaking of diseases, the Olive […]

Proyecto de optimización y mejora de la eficiencia energética

iqv matholding group

Proyecto desarrollado por Industrias Químicas del Vallés, S.A. Subvencionado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) y por el Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) Ref. E4IN12/2019/60 El proyecto de optimización y mejora de la eficiencia energética de la fábrica de IQV en Cheste, consiste en la sustitución de luminarias de vapor de sodio […]

What are the benefits of outsourcing Toll manufacturing services?

iqv matholding group

– Enhance your core business. – Increase your production capacity. – Reduce working capital and structure costs. – Improve your profitability. and more… Start benefiting from it! Visit us: Emailing us: IQV, Caring for Crops #iqv #cropprotection

Situación excepcional

iqv matholding group

Ante la situación excepcional que estamos viviendo, a causa de la expansión del COVID-19, desde MAT Holding y las empresas que forman parte de nuestro grupo, hemos activado los protocolos necesarios para preservar la salud e integridad de nuestros colaboradores y nuestros clientes, a la vez que aseguramos el desarrollo de nuestra actividad. Es por ello que, […]

Consejo AEPLA

Si tienes un jardín doméstico o huerto familiar, te recomendamos que prestes atención a este #ConsejoAEPLA. Te ayudará a garantizar tu #seguridad en el uso de #ProductosFitosanitarios.

X International Symposium on Artichoke

X International Symposium on Artichoke: “Cardoon and their Wild Relatives”. IQV y Regaber empresas del grupo Mat holding, están patrocinando desde el día 12 hasta el día 15 de marzo el X International Symposium on Artichoke en la Escuela Politécnica Superior de Orihuela (Alicante). En este symposium se debate ampliamente sobre el cultivo, manejo y […]


Desde IQV queremos compartir con todos vosotros la reciente obtención de la reconocida certificación GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) que otorga ENAC con fecha 1 de marzo de 2019. En cumplimiento con los principios de GLP, que establece la Unió n Europea y la OCDE, este certificado acredita nuestro laboratorio ubicado en las instalaciones de Cheste […]


We are proud to present the new image that we have redesigned for our reputable core business products based on Copper and Metalaxyl. With this new image, we want to continue bringing high-added-value products to the market. This new and powerful image highlights its renowned efficiency and high quality. IQV, POWERFUL PRODUCTS & RESPONSIBLE ACTION […]


52ª Feira Internacional de Agricultura, Pecuária e Alimentação. O certame, organizado pela InvestBraga de 28 a 31 de Março, é o mais importante do sector primário da região do Norte do país e da Galiza. Francisco Bogas diretor comercial da IQV Agro Portugal  com Inês Barbosa da SaNorte (foto do lado esquerdo) e com Marta Cardoso responsável […]


Recently, we had a visit to our facilities in Valencia. Ramón Ferrer, area manager of IQV in the Greek market and our distributors Apostolos Samoudis of SIPCAM HELLAS and Nikos Galenis of DELTA GAMMA AGRO, was visiting our production lines, the warehouse and our renewed GLP certified laboratory. Know our Industrial Crop Protection Services at […]

IQV participated in an event organized by Agrotexim in Bulgaria

TEAM BUILDING TIMES From February 21 to February 23, IQV participated in an event organized by Agrotexim in Bulgaria. Around 50 local customers attended the meeting where participants talked about different crop protection products. After that, there was a futbol match, a dinner and a traditional local party.  From IQV and our sales team, we […]

Happy Birthday!!!

50th anniversary of Caldo Bordelés Vallés® & Cupertine® Recently, in 2018, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of our famous brands: Caldo Bordelés Vallés® & Cupertine®. Nowadays, these brands are referents in the agricultural sector. Learn more about them on our website:  

IQV assisted to Pranjanac ’s event in Divčibare, Serbia

Recently on January 24th, IQV assisted to Pranjanac ’s event in Divčibare, Serbia. Our Product manager Xavier Amenos and our Area manager Sergio Rodriguez presented the features and advantages of our products based on copper and metalaxyl for a sustainable agriculture. The audience of more than 100 people was composed mainly of horticultural, fruit and […]

Nanopartículas de cobre como bactericida: proyecto NANOCU

nanocu bactericida nanopartículas de cobre

El proyecto NANOCU tiene como objetivo principal la obtención de formulados a base de nanopartículas de cobre como nuevas aportaciones a la protección vegetal, concretamente para el control de enfermedades causadas por hongos y bacterias. La hipótesis es obtener formulados con cantidades más reducidas de cobre, baja fitotoxicidad y menor impacto ambiental, pero manteniendo una […]