Paulo Mendes

Paulo Mendes - iqv matholding group

Paulo Mendes is an agricultural engineer working and developing sustainable agriculture in Vinho Verde sub-region for more than 20 years. He explained us that at Anselmo Vinhos Lda they try to use the less number of products as they can and our copper fungicide products are one of those They specially use VITRA in vine […]

IQV distribution

In IQV we collaborate with expert land, sea and air carriers in order to provide a wide range of distribution options We also provide a broad range of services involving the receipt of goods, preparation of orders with the requested picking level, direct and indirect cross-docking, special handling, inventory management and control, and reverse logistics, […]

Copper salts

Copper salts - iqv matholding group

Since our beginnings we have been present as a formulators of additives for animal feed with our copper sulphate and the recently incorporated tribasic copper chloride (TBCC) Copper is an essential element for all living organisms and its deficiency can lead to hypocuprosis, diarrhoea, reduced growth, bone deformities and spontaneous fractures. Check out this link to […]

Organic farming in Spain

Organic farming in Spain - iqv matholding group

Did you know that Spain is currently one of the countries with most hectares dedicated to organic farming? ? Currently organic farming in the EU represents between 8 and 9% of the total agricultural surface area. One of the objectives proposed by the European Commission is to ensure that by 2030, 25% of the EU’s […]