Francisco Urzaiz

Francisco Urzaíz - iqv matholding group

Francisco Urzaiz agronomic advisor, uses copper treatments to protect his crops from deseases such as the olive leaf spot? According to him, the key is to use good copper and a good formulation which ensures the food safety #oliveleafspot #coppertreatments #agriculture #iqvagro

World Agriculture Day

World Agriculture Day - iqv matholding group

Today we celebrate World Agriculture Day We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the importance that small, medium and large farmers around the world deserve, who with their vocation and passion for this ancestral craft, year after year offer us healthy and quality crops with which we can enjoy a balanced and healthy […]


World Agriculture Day - iqv matholding group

Today we want to talk to you about biopesticides, natural substances to control plagues and diseases of crops. Compared with chemical synthesis products, they present very notable advantages: – They have lower toxicity. – They induce resistance due to their multiple mode of action. – They don’t generate residues in food. – They don’t require […]