MAT Holding

MAT Holding - iqv matholding group

IQV is part of MAT Holding, a multinational industrial group with more than 80 years of history comprising leading companies in crop protection, irrigation efficiency, and water treatment and conveyance. The group offers solutions that contribute to sufficient production of healthy, safe and affordable food for everyone and the sustainable use of water in its […]

Ana María Muñoz Martín

Ana María Muñoz Martín - iqv matholding group

Ana María Muñoz Martín, a farmer with more than 30 years of experience, uses the biofungicide #T34Biocontrol ® for the care of her crops. In this video ?, she explains how this product is beneficial to prevent root diseases. About 4 or 5 days after the transplanting, she applies the product. The effects of […]

Copper salts

Copper salts - iqv matholding group

Did you know that copper salts are recognized for their historical efficacy and use in organic production Some of its strengths are: – Suitable for ecological agriculture – Broad spectrum of fungicidal and bactericidal activity. – Great adherence, effectiveness, persistence and resistance to washing. – High capacity to release Cu ions in contact with water. […]

Sustainable agricultural production

Sustainable agricultural production - iqv matholding group

Towards sustainable agricultural production. At IQV we are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. To this end, through our different subsidiaries and commercial departments, we provide farmers and companies around the world with copper and metalaxyl-based products of the highest quality and effectiveness to help them ensure good, sustainable, healthy and […]

Farmworker Appreciation Day

Farmworker Appreciation Day - iqv matholding group

Today is Farmworker Appreciation Day! This day was created to thank all those people who work in the field and to raise awareness of all the problems they face every year. The agricultural sector is essential for the progress and development of the country, it supplies food, contributes to the national income and provides employment […]