Fungal protection

Fungal protection - iqv matholding group

Did you know that an effective, long-lasting fungal protection suitable for organic farming is possible throughout the entire crop cycle? @Manuel Mendoza García, Agricultural Technical Engineer of the Semillero #Acrena uses T34biocontrol and highlights three of its main benefits: – Higher quality plants free from fungal diseases. – Larger root system. – Reduction in the […]

Fungicide products

Fungicide products - iqv matholding group

Aware of the challenges that farmers continually have to face, we offer them through our network of distributors, high-quality and efficient respectful products that help to obtain the best performance in each harvest. As a result of the development work carried out by our R+D department, our more than 300 references bring together a complete […]

The olive tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean

The olive tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean - iqv matholding group

Olea Europeae is an ancient crop distributed mainly along the Mediterranean arc and known worldwide for the organoleptic properties of its fruit and derivatives. That is why year after year it has become more technical and together with it the need to control the diseases and pests that affect it. Speaking of diseases, the Olive […]