Happy Birthday!!!

50th anniversary of Caldo Bordelés Vallés® & Cupertine® Recently, in 2018, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of our famous brands: Caldo Bordelés Vallés® & Cupertine®. Nowadays, these brands are referents in the agricultural sector. Learn more about them on our website: https://iqvagro.com/gama-de-productos/  

IQV assisted to Pranjanac ’s event in Divčibare, Serbia

Recently on January 24th, IQV assisted to Pranjanac ’s event in Divčibare, Serbia. Our Product manager Xavier Amenos and our Area manager Sergio Rodriguez presented the features and advantages of our products based on copper and metalaxyl for a sustainable agriculture. The audience of more than 100 people was composed mainly of horticultural, fruit and […]